The People of the Book Challenge

Have you read the entire Tanach, from cover to cover – B’reishit to Divrei HaYomim, in a language you understand (for most of us that’s English), at least once in your life?

It is a sad fact that while many Jewish people regularly read the Parsha (weekly portion from the Torah), most have never read the rest of the Jewish bible. (Neviim and Ketuvim – prophets and writings).

What a shame…

The Jewish people have been historically called “The People of the Book” but it seems as though the People of the Book have left The Book sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

As a Jewish person, you owe it to yourself to read your bible…its your history, its your heritage and its your future.

Take up the challenge and begin reading the Tanach, the Jewish bible, today!

Click here for a PDF guide you can print out to help you read through the Tanach in a year.