It was my pleasure to host Penina Taylor for a very exciting talk at the University of Illinois in Champaign.  Mrs. Taylor has a great combination of polished public speaking and fascinating content.  Hearing Mrs. Taylor’s story was eye-opening for me and for my students.  None of us had ever met a Christian missionary before, and hearing Mrs. Taylor’s life experiences both in the Christian world, and then in her return to the Jewish world was both inspirational and informative.  The audience learned how religion is really about relating to G-d in the way that makes sense to you, and how our Jewish heritage has so much to offer us.  I believe one very important subconscious message that the students took out of the class was how very different Judaism and Christianity are, and in a generation struggling with intermarriage, I think Mrs. Talyor’s talk can give these students the inspiration they need to sow Jewish roots with a Jewish spouse.  I look forward to hearing Mrs. Taylor speak again the in future, and recommend her to any Jewish organization looking for a quality and inspirational speaker.

Ari Burian
Campus Rabbi
JET Jewish Education Team