Coaching with Courage



Coaching and Community all in one

Coaching With Courage is not only an 8-week intensive and transformational program, it’s a comprehensive full-year support system uniquely designed for coaches, speakers and thought leaders. It’s your own personal coach, plus an entire community to support you so you can do what you were created to do.

It’s all about Support

You understand the value of having a coach, and you know that you can’t go it alone in this business, that if you don’t have support, you won’t be able to give yourself fully, wholeheartedly and authentically to your clients. That’s why you understand the value of a comprehensive program like Coaching with Courage.  It provides the programming to help keep you focused and centered, while also providing peer support, and if you choose the VIP package, you will have the security of knowing that your coach is available to you when you need her, as often or little as you need – even if you don’t need a weekly call, just ongoing support and the knowledge that someone is there if you do need to check in.



         …can be borrowed from a friend

The word “courage” comes from the Latin “cor” which means heart.  To encourage another is to give them heart, and to have courage means to have heart.  The one thing the heart needs more than anything else is connection.  When we connect with others, when we love and know we are loved, we can find the courage to do almost anything.  When we are lacking in courage, another can come along and loan us some of theirs.  That’s why we need community – because courage can be borrowed from a friend.

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Maintain your


We speak about transformation like it’s a one-and-done deal.  But you know it’s not, it’s on-going.  And just like a car, you need to maintain the machine if you want it to keep working for you like it’s supposed to. To accomplish that you need the mentorship and accountability of a coach.  Coaching with Courage is designed specifically to help you stay on track when your own limiting beliefs and fears come up, so that you can show up fully for your clients.

When you join the 8-week Coaching With Courage Program you get:


  • 8 weekly live group calls where you will delve into your deep inner work to get rid of impostor syndrome and self-doubt allowing you to show up fully for your clients
  • A PDF-workbook reinforcing each weekly lesson
  • 1 private coaching session with Penina
  • 1-year membership in the exclusive Coaching with Courage members-only Facebook group.  This is a Mastermind-style group with monthly live Q&A calls and frequent engagement by Penina. This group usually sells for $359 a year, but when you sign up for Coaching with Courage, you get full access for one whole year with the option to renew at the incredible price of $149 for the second year.
  • Access to Penina via WhatsApp text messages for the entire 8 weeks of the program*

This is a comprehensive coaching and support program to provide everything you need to be confident and comfortable with your authentic self and show up fully for your clients.

Other programs offering this level of value would run between $4,000 and $10,000 but for this first cohort, which will begin the program on November 3, 2020, I am offering it at a price it will never be offered at again.  This is a one-time opportunity to receive this incredible training and support package for only $1197.  You also have the option of paying in three installments of just $429 each.


Join the VIP program and you also get:

  • Penina On-Call – a one-year coaching package where you can book a call on an as-needed basis for up to 24 one-hour coaching sessions, so you can get your workload completed knowing that when you need support, I’ll be there for you!
  • 10 full months of WhatsApp access to Penina You also get a full year of WhatsApp access to Penina – 10 months on top of the 8 weeks that come with the Coaching with Courage program.

The VIP program is designed to give you all the support you need for you to build your business, complete your workload and gain the confidence you need to bring the unique gift of you to the world.  The world deserves it.  The world deserves YOU. You deserve this.

So…what are you waiting for?

The cost of the VIP program alone is worth $5000, but for a limited time, I am making it available for the unbelievable price of $2997! Or, you can pay it in 4 installments of $799 each.

But if you purchase the Coaching with Courage program and the VIP program together, right now, you get EVERYTHING for the discounted price of $3597 or 6 installments of only $619 each.




*WhatsApp accessibility is messaging only, Penina will return messages at a specified time each day.  Messages are to be used for short questions or emergency situations only and are not a substitute for a coaching session.


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