Meet Penina

Inspirational Speaker and Master Mindset Coach


As a counselor, therapist, coach, coach trainer, and inspirational speaker over the past 25 years, Penina has had the opportunity to work with and speak to tens of thousands of people across the globe. Regardless of what topic Penina speaks on, her audiences always come away enlightened and inspired.  Whether she’s telling her own personal story, giving a motivational talk, or speaking on the subject of spirituality and faith, Penina’s dynamic style and personal warmth allow her audience to connect with her on a profound level and always leaves them inspired and challenged to grow. 

While Penina is best known for the unbelievable story of her return to Judaism, with her passion and dynamic speaking style, she translates her challenging life experience into focused, motivating practical advice that energizes her audience, inspiring them with a fresh outlook.

In addition to live speaking events and her online courses, Penina is also available for individual and group coaching sessions. 

My Story

Born into a secular Jewish family, and faced with a traumatic childhood, I embraced Christianity while in high school. However, after 17 years in leadership in the Christian and Hebrew-Christian communities, my studies brought me to a revelation that turned my world upside down, and in 2000, I embraced the faith of my forefathers by returning to Judaism.

But that’s not the whole story.  My life has been not only a journey to find spiritual truth, but one of overcoming abuse, extreme obesity, severe health challenges, and poverty. I’ve learned through all these challenges that understanding that we are each here for a reason and have been given challenges in life to help us become exactly who we need to be to fulfill our purpose on earth is the key to true joy, contentment, and success in life. I work with coaches, speakers, and leaders to help them bring their unique gift to the world. 


You cannot see it...

…but your challenges are a gift designed to help you become the person you need to be in order to fulfill your purpose in this world!

Are you willing to consider...

…that you may be far more than you think you are?  Until you are willing to consider that, you limit the possibilities. 

When things are not as they should be...

…change your perspective.

People will always resonate with you...

…how you see yourself is how others will see you and respond to you.

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