The Pleasure Prescription

Human beings experience pleasure in a way no other creature on earth does.  In fact, we were designed to experience pleasure and to seek it and we have a need to experience a certain amount of pleasure on a regular basis.  Understanding this “pleasure quota” is the key to breaking addictive behaviors and living a healthier life of choice and freedom.

The Theory of Ourselves

By the time we reach puberty, we’ve answered the question “who am I?” and moved on to search to confirm it.  What we don’t realize is that these core beliefs that form the Theory of Ourselves determine every reaction we have, every decision we make and every step we take.  The good news is that an update is waiting to be downloaded!

The Toybox Paradigm

Hey – its a dog-eat-dog world out there right? And business is business – every man (or woman) for themselves, right? Wrong! This lecture, most appropriate for business people and entrepreneurs, but suitable for all audiences, addresses the issues of how we look at the world and that when we can learn to see others as collaborators instead of competitors, we multiply our own resources, increase our own success; changing the world in the process.

Pardon vs Forgiveness

We’ve all heard the importance of forgiving and how without doing so we cannot experience true wholeness or joy.  But how can we forgive the unforgivable?  Penina explains that we’ve got to change the language we use to understand that we can (and must) forgive even when we cannot pardon.

How to Change a Belief

A belief is an idea that we hold to be true regardless of any evidence to the contrary.  In this talk Penina addresses the differences between knowledge and belief and
that belief is the key to creating real and lasting change in our lives.


Batteries Not Included: Learning to embrace the gifts of imperfection

You come fully equipped with everything you need to live an amazing life.  Its all right there – the good, the bad and the ugly.  In this talk Penina shares how everything we have has been given us to equip us for our own unique and vital mission in life.


The Warning Track

In today’s world we have more information coming at us in a day than our grandparents experienced in a year and often, we make more choices in a week than they did in their entire lifetime. With all this information and activity, it’s very easy to find ourselves “hitting the wall” and it hurts. But, there is a solution! This lecture addresses the four areas in our life where we can make simple changes that bring sanity to a crazy world.

The Whack-a-Mole Process

We’ve been led to believe that transformation is a one-and-done deal.  But its not, its a process that lasts a lifetime.  In this talk, Penina shares how transformation is like playing the game Whack-a-Mole and how key strategies for scoring high in the game can give us the tools we need to deal with the “moles” that come up in our lives.



Penina has 4 programs that are given as either an 8-week online course, a full-day workshop or a two-day retreat.  Check out the “Events” tab for upcoming programs or contact her for availability to bring one of these workshops to your location.


Coaching with Courage

Coaching with Courage is a 20 hour deep-dive mindset reset for coaches, speakers and thought leaders.  During this program we address the issues behind impostor syndrome, self-doubt, and fear of success, and up-level our personal and coaching game.  This course is coupled with a year-long mastermind group to provide a comprehensive support system.


Married with Courage

Believe it or not, it is possible to build a bullet-proof marriage, or to bring a marriage back from the brink of death.  In this four-hour workshop, which is also available in one-hour and two-hour crash courses, Penina teaches the 5 biggest threats to marriage, the 5 biggest communication challenges and how to create the marriage you’ve always dreamed of.  


Living with Courage

Why do you keep doing what you are doing even though you know its self-defeating?  What are the keys to getting unstuck and getting everything you want out of life?  


Leading with Courage

This program is the Coaching with Courage deep-dive mindset reset structured specifically for those in positions of leadership. CEO’s, Presidents and VPs, and Principals will find this program exactly what they need to be even more effective leaders.


Parenting with Courage

Believe it or not, you don’t have to yell to get your children to do what they need to.  In fact, yelling accomplished the exact opposite of what you think it will.  In this workshop, Penina brings 33 years of parenting and 30 years of coaching together to create a powerful program that will transform your family forever.

Jewish Inspirational


Coming Full Circle: A Jewish Woman’s Journey through Christianity and back

In this presentation, Penina engages her audience in a powerful experience as she shares the incredible, and sometimes unbelievable story of her own spiritual journey. You can hear a pin drop as the audience sits riveted to their seats while Penina’s dynamic style has everyone’s rapt attention. This presentation is suitable for high school and up, all denominations.


If G-d loves me, why does He have it out for me?

Okay, so we believe in God, but what does that mean? How can we have a relationship with someone we can’t see, hear and feel? How come it seems like God is just out to get me? In this lecture, Penina talks about how we can know that God loves us and isn’t out to “get us”. This lecture is appropriate for all audiences, all observance levels.



So many different Jews, in so many different forms, how could we possibly ever get along?  In this lecture, Penina discusses the essence of what it means to be a Jew, unity within diversity and the secret to world peace.  A thought provoking discussion on unity and acceptance. This lecture is appropriate for high school and up, all denominations.


Is Judaism Racism?

Modern Jews often question the legitimacy of the title, “The Chosen People.”  Does calling ourselves this mean we feel superior? What about the non-Jews and their role in the world? What are we actually chosen for? This lecture takes a unique look at the idea of chosen-ness and how it can be understood in the context of modern sensibilities, leaving Jewish people proud of their unique heritage but with tremendous respect for all mankind. (Partially based on the Kuzari) This lecture is suitable for high school and up, all denominations.


God is not a Four-letter Word

Why are American Jews afraid of God? Why don’t we talk about God? Why have the People of the Book left the Book sitting on a shelf collecting dust? This provocative and inspirational lecture will challenge Jewish people across the religious spectrum to rethink what it means to be Jewish. This is an adult presentation appealing to non-Orthodox audiences.


The Search for Significance: Why people commit public acts of violence and what to do about it

School shootings, mall shootings, it seems like public acts of violence are becoming more and more common. And while everyone is crying about the need to restrict access to weapons, they are missing the forest for the trees. What is the root cause of why people commit public acts of violence, what is it about our generation that is causing them to be more common and what can be done about it? The answer may surprise you. This lecture is suitable for all mature audiences, high school and up, all denominations.


Born Again – a Jewish Idea?

It says in Brachot 34b, “In the place where baalei teshuvah stand, even the perfectly righteous cannot stand.” But what really is a baal teshuvah and what are the lessons of the teshuvah process that we can all learn from? This is an adult presentation most suitable for Orthodox audiences, especially those raised in Orthodox homes.


Fighting Amalek in this Generation

We are told in the Torah that God will have war with Amalek in every generation. But who is Amalek in this generation? The answer may surprise you. While there are several contenders for the title, the solution is the same. In this lecture, Penina brings out new insights regarding Amalek and what the Jewish people can do to fight his tactics. Although this lecture is appropriate for any day, it is especially appropriate for Parshat Beshalach, Shelach, Chukat, Balak, and Ki Teitzei. This presentation is most suitable for Orthodox audiences.


Don’t Put Me in a Box; I’m Claustrophobic!

If sinat chinam (baseless hatred) destroyed the Holy Temple and disconnected the Jewish people from their true calling in this world, then Ahavat Yisrael is the answer to all that ails the Jewish people. But what does ahavat Yisrael really mean? It’s so easy to love others who are just like us, but how can we learn to love each other regardless of our differences? This interactive but to-the-point lecture explores the true meaning of ahavat Yisrael and practical ways to realize it in our own lives. This lecture is geared towards Orthodox adult audiences.


From How to Wow: Making Judaism more Meaningful into the Next Generation

The Jewish people take the Torah seriously! We are very good at following its precepts; at transmitting the “how” of being Jewish. But have we missed the forest for the trees? What is the key to keeping the next generation connected to Judaism? From How to Wow challenges observant Jews to dig deeper and create a meaningful Jewish experience that will not only enrich their own lives but impact generations to come. This lecture is geared toward Orthodox adult audiences.


Chatzot – The Shabbat Secret

Do you love Shabbat but dread Friday? Do you sit down to dinner and promptly fall asleep? Do you find yourself rushing headlong into shabbos wondering where is the peace and holiness of the day? There is a solution! The new movement with ancient roots, chatzot is transforming Jewish homes around the world, find out how it can change yours, too. This lecture is geared toward female Orthodox adult audiences.


B’tzelem Elokim: The Power of Adam’s Gift

We are all too familiar with the negative concept of what Adam created in the world through his disobedience in the Garden of Eden, but how often do we dwell upon the gift which he bequeathed to mankind? The legacy of Adam is referred to by many as a curse, but Adam’s true legacy, lies in the truth about the nature of mankind and what it means to be a human being. This lecture explores the incredible power mankind was endowed with in being created in “the image of God”. This lecture is suitable for high school and up, all denominations, including non-Jews.


How to experience a Miracle