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The course begins with an introduction to Judaism called “Navigating Judaism”.  Each subsequent section covers a different topic to be learned for the conversion course.  When you have finished viewing the Navigating Judaism section, please request an evaluation.

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An Entire World

The Talmud tells us that a person who saves one life has saved an entire world.  That’s becuase each person has their own unique legacy – the people in their family as well as all the lives they touch.  When you become a Jew, you are an entirely new world and the beginning of a new legacy.

Conversion Course

Course of Study – Click on the link to be directed to that section

Month 1

A several module general overview of Judaism – Shabbat, Jewish Prayer, Holidays, marriage, parenting and more! 

After completing the Navigating Judaism series, you will complete an evaluaton of your general Jewish knowledge to help us understand what areas you need the most help with.

Month 2

12 Classes that take you through the major prayers in the weekday siddur, covering the background of each prayer and practical guidelines.

Month 3


The Oneness of God, The Evil Inclination vs The Good Inclination, Divine Intervention



What is Shabbat?  Melacha, Muktzah, Eruv, Candle Lighting, Kiddush, Havdalah, Shabbat in the Kitchen, Challah, Three Meals, Melava Malka

Month 4
The Oral Torah


Transmission, “The Spirits Behind the Laws”, Rabbinic Obligation vs D’Orayta



Brit Milah, Mezuzah, Aseh L’cha Rav, The Land of Israel

Month 5


Yom Tov and what it is, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Hoshana Rabba, Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah, Pesach, Shavuot

Month 6


17th of Tammuz and the Three Weeks, The Nine Days, Tisha B’Av, Tzom Gedalia, Taanit Esther, Asara B’Tevet

Month 7


Clean and Unclean, Blood, Meat and Milk, Bugs, Chalav Yisrael vs Chalav Stam/Nochri, Hechshers, Maaser and Truma, Ovens sinks and stovetops, Materials

Month 8

Streams of Judaism, Death and Mourning, Weddings and Sheva Brachot, Minhag haMakom, Kohen/Levi/Yisrael, Tzedaka

Month 9
Man and Woman


Gender roles, Women’s obligations in mitzvot, Men’s obligations in mitzvot, Kol Isha, Separation of men and women, Shomer negia, Tzniut, Jewish Dating, Laws of Family Purity, Mikveh

Month 10
The Jewish Calendar


How it was established, The parsha cycle, Sefirat HaOmer, Chanukah and Purim, Leap year, The Jewish dates

Month 11
Our Spiritual Selves 

Heaven and Hell, Resurrection, Reincarnation, Mashiach, Geula – The final redemption, Death in Judaism, Kabbalah – what is it? The third Temple, Lashon Hara – the power of our words, vows

Month 12
Final Evaluation


This course of study is approximate.  Many factors will go into how long the course actually takes you.  This 12th month is time for you to finish up your courses and to take the final evaluation as well as to make arrangements for beit din.

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