If you are a coach, speaker or thought leader, there’s a lot you need to know, but there are three things you must know if you are going to be successful

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To be a good coach you have to know a lot of stuff.  You’ve got to know how to coach.  You’ve got to know how to explain what you do.  You’ve got to know how to get clients.  You’ve got to know how to market your business.  You’ve got to know how to schedule your time.

But – there’s three things you need to know that aren’t about marketing, clients, value, click funnels, lead magnets or any of the business-y stuff.

And yet – these three things are the very things that will actually determine if you are successful or not.  And I’m going to be sharing them in a FREE three-part workshop called The Three Things Every Coach Needs to Know.  Its for coaches, speakers and thought leaders.  If that’s you, you don’t want to miss this incredibly valuable workshop.


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In this class we will talk about –

  • The root causes of Impostor Syndrome
  • Why coaches also need a coach
  • The role model and perfection vs authenticity
  • The Whack-a-mole process
  • Belief vs knowledge
  • Dealing with fear of success
  • How to show up when you’re not really there

….and much, much more!

About Your Coach – Penina Taylor

Penina is the creator of Beyond Coaching, a coaching practice devoted to the unique needs of coaches, speakers and those in the public eye.  A dynamic speaker, Penina has spoken to tens of thousands of people across the globe on spirituality and personal growth. Penina is not only a world-renowned speaker, but an acclaimed coach with over 25 years of experience coaching people from all walks of life.  She is devoted to making sure that coaches, speakers and thought leaders get the support they need so that they can show up authentically and wholeheartedly for their clients and truly bring their unique gift to the world. 

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