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Freequently Asked Questions

What is your target demographic?

Although we believe that our readership will come from every demographic, we are writing for observant Jewish women between the ages of 30 and 50.  Our articles appeal to the whole spectrum of Jewish women, from Yeshivish to Traditional.  We believe that there are as many ways to be Orthodox as there are Jews and we refuse to try and put people in a box.

Will you have subscriptions?

Our online magazine will be available for free.  Those who choose to support us through a subscription (or as patrons through will have access to exclusive member-only material such as the full video of our feature interview, easy to print PDFs of our main articles for Shabbat reading, and an invitation to our virtual launch party (and other similar events).  When we begin our print edition, hopefully at the beginning of 2022, subscribers will receive a print copy of the magazine.

Will it be preachy?

Nope – 90% of our content will be non-religious in nature.  We believe that while we are spiritual beings, we are also physical beings.  There is plenty of material available to nourish the soul, but nothing available to nourish the other aspects of being a Jewish woman in the modern world, especially within a context that supports and celebrates observance.

Will you show pictures of women?

Of course!  Half of the people on this planet are women, and that goes for within the Jewish community as well.  Not only is it time to stop treating women’s faces as inherently indecent, but we must show our children images of modest, accomplished women who balance living in the world while being connected to Torah.  What are we doing to the next generation when the only pictures of women they see are on billboards?  Our daughters need role models, not just models.

What is the hashkafa of the magazine?

As our name implies, we do not believe that there is only one definition of what it means to be Orthodox – in other words, Orthodox women cannot be put in a box.  Our articles express the entire spectrum of Orthodox Jewish beliefs, experiences, and points of view.  The views expressed by our writers are not necessarily representative of the publisher, editorial staff, other contributors, advertisers, or all of our readership.  We believe that even when we don’t agree with a point of view, we must still engage in the conversation, and therefore, as much as possible, UNORTHOBOXED has a policy not to silence the expression of views that we may not agree with.

What types of articles will you have?

UNORTHOBOXED is a lifestyle magazine.  We will have a wide variety of articles covering important topics such as sexuality and gender, racism, discrimination, trauma, and so much more.  But we also have a food section, a style section, and hope in the future to also include topics such as sustainable living, home design and travel.