Penina is a Master Mindset Coach who works one-on-one with speakers, coaches and change makers to:

Overcome impostor syndrome and fear of what other people think, increase resilience and core emotional strength, feel whole and comfortable with who they are – so that they show up as their authentic self with confidence


Executive function coaching

Coaching that helps you develop and strengthen your executive functioning skills. These skills include planning, organizing, time management, working memory, and problem-solving. Executive function coaching can be beneficial for people of all ages, but it is especially helpful for students, professionals, and individuals with ADHD or other learning challenges.



While Penina is best known for the unbelievable story of her return to Judaism, with her passion and dynamic speaking style, she translates her vast life experience into focused, motivating practical advice that energizes any audience, inspiring them with a fresh outlook and the tools to reach deep inside to discover who they really are.


What people are saying…

Tamar Yonah

Tamar Yonah

Radio Personality and Managing Director, Israel News Talk Radio

Three times the charm!
Penina just finished her coaching workshop and it was profound! She is a great speaker, clear, concise, and helpful! (Did I mention entertaining too?) I recommend her course to anyone looking to spring ahead in their careers, relationships, and social life.
Jacob Haber

Jacob Haber

Tech Advisor

After Corona hit I found myself out of work and floundering. Unsure of what to do next, I contacted Penina for coaching. She helped me figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, create an actionable plan and overcome the limiting beliefs that were stopping me from doing what I really love. Added bonus: my marriage improved, too. I highly recommend Penina’s coaching for everyone looking to move forward with their life. 

Jackie Stein

Jackie Stein

Health and Wellness Coach

I recently attended a seminar with Penina called Coaching with Courage, which focused on providing personal tools to those of us who support others. Penina focused on reminding us through this training that it’s important for coaches to have their own coach as well as a community of like-minded people for support. I highly recommend her program. If you participate, you will not be sorry.

"I attended Penina's 'Intentionally Me' workshop and all I can say is, WOW! I never thought one day could make such a difference in my life, but it has. I can't wait to take her Level II workshop!

JoAnne Klein, NY

Penina came to speak and the students were riveted throughout. In today's day, when we are programmed to lose interest after thirty seconds, Penina not only held their attention, but Penina's fascinating story and excellent speaking skills had students say she was the most interesting person we've brought in all year. A true pleasure.

Chezky Hoffman, Head of Jeff Seidel’s student center, Hetzliya

Penina's coaching has transformed my life. Had I known what a difference it would make, I would have hired her years ago. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to overcome a painful past, break free from destructive patterns, or create new possibilities in their life.

Miriam S., Jerusalem

There are absolutely no words to describe Penina’s presentation and the impact it had on our congregation. Everyone was touched, intrigued, fascinated and inspired. We are so glad that we brought her out to speak to us.

R.R., Ra’anana, Israel

Are you looking for a new speaker for your event? We had a wonderful experience with Penina Taylor. She captivated her audience with the account of her journey ... if we hadn't firmly closed the program and almost literally dragged her off the stage, they would have kept her there for hours!

Rabbi Elimelech Silberberg

Penina's stories and presentation were riveting and had a big impact on our students. They were mesmerized and hung on every word. The students found her to be a passionate and compelling speaker and she inspired the students to think and question, and their teachers saw that carry-over into the classrooms.

Esther Eisenman, High School Judaics Principal, Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School, Baltimore, Maryland

Penina is a charming, educated and down to earth speaker. She drew us in and then stayed to answer questions and signed books. The women could not get enough of Penina and had deep and lengthy conversations with her after the program.

Susan Rifkin, Chair of Programming, Jewish Educational Center, Women’s Division, Elizabeth, NJ

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